Digital coax cables

I stream Qobuz from a standalone streamer to a DAC.  I use a digital coax cable [Audioquest cinnamon, about $90.  Will one of the more expensive cables make much difference?  Some claim no difference, it is before the DAC so it makes no difference.  Others claim everything makes a difference.  So......


I did the used coax cable run a few years ago and found large differences. The one that stood out for me was a silnote coax. Wide, spacious and clear, although with a little less bass. Used coax cables are relatively cheap and resellable with no loss. I found it fun trying them out. I also got brand matching rca's, which together let's you learn about each brands house sound.

Take a look at Audio Envy - very affordable and very good

Also look at Zavfino - their TOTL cables are excellent, but a bit $$$

Regards - Steve

Some companies only offer the 1.5 meter lengths. I've seen photos that show that length measures less distortion, but if it's audible and will actually sound better I don't know. I've tried quite a few myself, all different lengths.The Kimber Illuminati I had long ago was very detailed, overly so for the equipment I owned at the time.IME the $ amount has no bearing on how it will fit into your system and be the right match. If you have some spare ICs stored away give one of those a try.Sometimes they work surprisingly well.Whenever I've auditioned ICs  I always tried one as a digital cable.

@jtcf yes, while I won’t digress into any debate by some on this topic - I went this route myself. Compared back and forth quite a bit and stayed.  Yes, moved from .5/1.0m, to my last two pairs of AP and Cardas digital coax spdif are 1.5M.