Digital cables for DAC

I just purchased a Birdland Odeon Ag DAC to go with my CAL CL-10 multidisc player. I need a good digital cable to go along with this unit. Any ideas on what I should look at out there?
I sell the Omega Mikro,would you like to take a 30 day spin?Please contact me to discuss pricing and your budget.Tom
I'm currently using a Nirvana DC-110. In my system it's very smooth, detailed and natural. It replaced an Acoustic Zen MC2 which was grainier, and an Argent Pursang digital cable which had a bit of an edge in comparison. There are a lot of fans of the Nirvana T2 as well - it's their 75-ohm RCA cable.
The best "bang for you buck" is the Stereovox Studio HDXV @$100 for 1m. The best that I have heard is the Vacuum Reference @ $1600 for 1m.
I just switched from a Stereovox HDXV to a Sonicwave glass Toslink, and the improvement was staggering. Overall, I've found the Sonicwave to have more air and real high-frequency detail, better detail throughout the audio band, better bass articulation, and is much quieter compared to my previous coax. The fact that I paid just $29 for it makes it that much sweeter.

This is just my opinion, but I've found that when it comes to digital cables, susceptibility to hum, EMF and RFI contamination is a bigger issue than bandwidth. The great advantage of optical cables is its total immunity to noise pickup and ground loops. While it's true that coax has greater bandwidth compared to Toslink, we're only dealing with SPDIF with a bandwidth of up to about 6Mhz (well within the limits of glass fiber), so I think that bandwidth is largely a non-issue provided that you use glass and not plastic optical fiber.
My budget is $200 to $400 for the cable. What is the cost of a Nirvana DC-110?

It lloks like the Omega Mikro is out of my price range. Any other suggestions?

Sounds like I should at least try the Sonicwave glass Toslink since it is only $29. I will get this and start auditioning others.
The Omega Mikro's start at $375/Zephyr and the Digital IV runs $779.Prices are negotiable.Give me a shout,should you want to head in that direction.Tom