digital cables

Hello, I have a Cardas video/high speed data cable from my cd transport to a Theta time line conditioner then a MIT digital cable to my CAL SIGMA II dac. Both cables are 6 years old. Do I need to get another set of digital cables or will these be fine? With todays technology I wonder if digital cables have progressed like other audio gear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
yeah, you'd better move fast. your cables are designed to self destruct after 7 years of continuous use.
I think the biggest advances have been in toslink cables which have gone from awful to acceptable due to changes in connectors. If you have the old MIT adjustable cable you may want to experiment with some different cables. There are certainly some new cables such as Harmonic Technology and some silver based cables that will sound much different than what you have. Whether they are better than your current cables will have to be your own decision. Suggest you shop for a dealer that is willing to lend you cables or will give you a right of return.
If you are interested, I have a new JPS Labs UltraConductor, 1Mtr., Digital cable that is very,very close to my new WireWorld Gold Starlight that cost 4 times more. Will sell for $90. [email protected]
Do you feel that you have lost performance? Are they RCA type? Do you clean the contact areas ? Might be worth to try first to clean all contacts plugs and receptacles with contact cleaner or better Pro Gold and listen again to see what you find. Good Luck
Go to CHeck out the Tek Line DIgital and Signature version- excellent!