even though my BCD-1 outputs,coax digital,AES-EBU balanced digital XLR and my BDA-1 excepts all of the above and more.
Is there a sonic improvement using the AES-EBU digital compare to the coax,even though the AES is a better connection,Thanks.
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It depends on the system. Most Bryston gear has a true balanced design, so AES/EBU should be best, but it's always good to have a listen for yourself.
I agree totally,trust OUR EARS,with the two components I do have more than enough different connections,maybe too many as
we get too concerned with the technical side and less of the
musical side of things,there I just seen a tad of daylight.
I'd try the AES connection. Try the Mogami Gold AES/EBU cable--I got one for about 43.00 from Musicians Friend. They have great Neutrik gold connectors, nice construction, very neutral, and are used by most recording studios as standard equipment. I found this sounds better as an interconnect between my BelCanto DAC3 and CD1 than a coax, which sounded really good too. But the balanced connection gives even more quiet background and image depth and detail.
Perfect,thanks guys,I ordered a AES from Bryston.
The AES should have a lower noise clock signal.