Digital cable upgrade? Can you tell a difference?

Ok So I drank the coolade and got all high end Balanced interconnects and Power cables and yes, it does sound better! Now I have just gotten into Hi-Rez computer files and I have me a little Avid Mbox that plays 96K 24bit files from Mac through a USB cable and sounds better that my expensive Audio Research CD player. So, now will an upgraded USB cable make any difference?
Best is to try one and see. BTW, I have two interface, one is a Yamaha Audiogram 3 and the other is a Lexicon Omega.
I recently went from an XLR Kubala to a Stereolab / Stereovox Reference XV-Ultra Digital cable. In my system, the Kubala was a little too laid back and the Stereovox added the sparkle I was looking for... so... IMHO you can tell a difference.
Agree that it's worth trying, but improvements may not be on the same scale experienced with your other cable upgrades.
Sandstone's controversal statement would imply that it's much better to invest in components and non-digital cables, but the best, if overall performance is great, is to invest into media.

I love your desktop system :)

Great question and one that is endlessly debated.

Frankly, it depends on your system. My experience has been that, in general, changing USB cables, and to a smaller degree changing Firewire cables, in higher resolutions systems makes more of a difference than in lower resolutions systems. Additionally, changing a USB/FW cable can be make more of difference if it is the weakest component in your system. The difference is very dependent you your system but cables do make a difference.

I have a comparison that I like to use to demonstrate audible USB cable differences. The comparison involves a Belkin 5 meter printer cable and a .5 meter Kimber Kable - AG - Silver - USB B BUS cable. Switching between the two cables in my system produces obvious audible differences. That may seem unfair and a no brainer but the point is to demonstrate that different cables can produce different sound. After accepting there can be differences between cables, it's then just a matter of the degree of difference.

There is definitely a point of diminishing returns so focusing on the quality of materials, connectors and workmanship should be top considerations. After that, it's just tone control.

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IME better USB (just like better S/PDIF) cables do improve the sound. I noticed this even when using a very inexpensive Muse TDA 1543 DAC and Valab Teradak USB converter to feed a very inexpensive 1972 Harman Kardon HK630 and (v.i.) PSB Alpha Mini speakers. The cable in question was made of cryo silver by Audiogoner Acreyes, of whom I am a satisfied customer, not any other kind of associate.