Digital Cable Tuner - Can I buy and use my own??


I am moving, and about to setup digital cable for the first time.

I notice that you can lease the "high definition cable" box from Comcast at $9.00 a month... but I would much rather buy my own, and make sure that it is a good one. I hate the ones that Comcast uses.

Is this something I can do??? Or does comcast make you use theirs???

If Comcast will let me do this, can any of you recommend REALLY GOOD ones, preferably with some sort of Tivo/DVR built in???

Some must have features of this theoretical box are:

* Solid, well laid out, uncluttered remote, with fast response time
* Ability to offload TIVO/DVR content to external hard drive or computer
* Fast menu navigation
* Excellent SD and HD image quality

Any thoughts?

For COAX CABLE delivery, the answer is never. You cannot use your own box.
If satellite delivery, yes, usually you can own your own box.
If via optical cable delivery, I do not know.
Thanks elizabeth...

Hm, guess I'm stuck with the crappy comcast box ( :
Hey, once the whole industry cooperates and we get to the FCC-mandated STB open standards with cableCARD compatibility, everything will be just fine. Just don't hold your breath.
I would hate to own my own box, now they may become usable in the future and offer better quality, but I have had several box's go bad...thank god I dont own them.
Chadnliz - Most electronics like that come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty or something.
True, but still getting a new Satelite box could get expensive.
I use an OTA HDTV tuner which includes a digital cable/ HDTV section (I'm a reg. cable subscriber, but not digital cable)& I get some, but not all, of the "non-scrambled" HDTV cable content. (My cable company recently started scrambling thier sdtv premium content.)This is only "relevant" to your issue, in that, cable systems are not necesarily "compliant" to universal standards in the delivery of these signals & the cable box you buy from someone else "may" not function properly with your cable system (ymmv) In my situation I recieved hdtv abc,cbs & pbs, but fox & nbc (which were higher channel numbers)were very unstable & routinely dropped out to "no signal" like I was viewing OTA with a weak station. Supposedly, FCC rules state that the "networks" hdtv feeds on cable are supposed to be recievable with my type of reciever (Quam?)Don't know if "atlanta-scientific" cable boxes are availble to "the public" or not, but my experience raises questions about the "standards" & cable systems adherence to those standards...