Digital cable to feed my PS Audio PW DAC

I'm looking for a high performance digital cable and was wondering what the Audiogoners thought of the Harmonic Cyberlights? These seem to have garnered some very good reviews but members but there's not all lot of info on them compared to other digital cables in this lofty catagory. I'd like to keep spends below $400 and used is good.

I would be using this cable between a BDP83SE modded and a PerfectWave DAC.

Thanks for your suggestions
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I would suggest Harmonic Tech Cyberlink digital cable for the money.

The Kimber D-60 and the Orchid are two of the best digital cables out there. I highly recommend the XLO Sig. series digital cables as well.

I have the PWD as well and since it doesn't offer a warm sound character, the XLO Sig. 1, 2 or 3 digital cable will be a better fit.

All the cables I memtioned above are below your $400 limit in the used market.

Good luck.
Another one to try is the Atlas Opus. Preferred it to the Wireworld Gold Starlight.
Thanks for the suggestions. Seems like my system is moving towards Harmonic Technologies as I'm thinking about a second pair of Magic Link II's from preamp to DAC. My current configuration is Magic Link II's from Pass X350.5 to Cary SLP-05 pre then pre has DIY 99.999997 silver to DAC.

Looking for that last bit of Magic (no pun intended). I have a VH-Audio digital from source to DAC so it seemed the logical upgrade was the digital cable. But I still got to wonder about my DIY balanced cable and just how it would compare to a second set of Magic XLR's.
Call PSAudio and ask what they used to R&D the PW DAC.Just a thought.
Sorry, I type it wrong in my first post. I should say "I WOULD NOT SUGGEST Harmonic Tech Cyberlink digital cable for the money".

Because both the D60 and the XLO Sig. first gen. are both much better than the Cyberlink for just $20 to $40 more in the used market.

Sorry for the confusion.

Also, the main features of the PWD and PWT are thru the HDMI cable. I doubt PSA has spent much time on the other digital input and they won't suggest any particular brand of cables to use because of political concern.
I don't yet have the PWT. I'll check out the D60 and XLO sig, thanks for the suggestion.
I would contact Steve Brunelle (Audiogon username: sts), the man behind Gabriel Gold and ask him to make you one of his coaxial digital cables. I have tried many digital cables and the Gabriel Gold digital cable has been the best I have used with the Perfect Wave DAC.

Out of curiosity, why did you get your Oppo modded if you are using the Perfect Wave DAC? My understanding from Dan Wright at Modwright is that mods to the Oppo are geared towards improving the analogue output of the Oppo and don't really improve it as a transport.
I wanted to get the best in SACD performance as well as redbook CD out of my Oppo. My understanding was that the Oppo, being a universal player, would also stream my music collection which was/is my ultimate goal. But to my dismay, Oppo chose to support only lossy files! So my FLAC and MP4 libraries are useless on the Oppo. Now I'm back to Squeezebox 3 streaming to Perfectwave DAC. I'm ready to pull the trigger on the Transport and once Bridge arrives, I should be set for source(s).

I'll give Steve a call. Thanks for the suggestion.
I've been extremely impressed with the Harmonic Tech Cyberlights and Photon cables and would highly recommend you give them a try. They bested a number of >$1K digital cables in my experiments IMS (email me if you want more specifics).

That said, if you plan to get the Perfectwave Transport in the near future, you may be better off waiting and getting a good HDMI cable for i2s, though the HT Photon beats the generic i2s connection between my Northstar components (using ethernet cable).

The Cyberlight also benefits from the latest battery power supply. FWIW, I think Dtsag is confusing the Cyberlight and Cyberlink. The Cyberlight's in another league, and trounces the D60 and XLO Sig as well, at least to my ears.