Digital Cable: To balance or not to ?

Hi all, Need some advise. I have a Forsell D/A Converter that can accept both balanced digital input and RCA coaxial input. Output to the pre-amp is also balanced and unbalanced. My question, my pre-amp and my integrated amp accepts only unbalanced rca's. Does it make a difference if I use balanced digital cable from the Sonic Frontiers CDT-1 or not. the Transport has both balanced and unbalanced output.
Here is the skinny as it has been explained to me by someone much smarter than both of us.If you are not balanced all the way too; and including the amp,all dig cables sound better single ended.
I have a SFT-1 and SFD-2 Mk II running balanced out to a Line 3 and Krell KSA200S (balalnced all the way) I have coaxial, AT&T glass, and now the balanced (using Alpha Core Perl silver balanced interconnects including as the digital cable. The balanced interconnect was the last of the balanced interconnects I got because I didn't think it would make any difference. I was astounded at the difference. I heard a big improvement from coax to glass, but from glass to balanced brought everything into focus and improved high frequency clarity, less grain, and more harmonic smoothness. Bottom end has more authority also.