Digital Cable thoughts

Good Morining,

Wanted to throw out a question for you folks to ponder, I am picking up my new April Music DAC and Transport today, (wonderful stuff for the money, set is running me 2400, and it sounds spectacular, not to mention its getting some great reviews from the mags) Any way, my local dealer whom I have a good relationship is throwing in a "free" Transparent Premium series AES/EBU cable to connect the DAC to the Transport, I was wondering what people thought of this cable, or what you might reccomend for a cable. I would like to stay w/ the AES/EBU style connection, I just have not had the opportunity to listen to many of these cables. At a retail price of 400 to 500 bills, I hate to turn down the generous offer. Any thoughts? Also, on a dac and transport, how much would I bennefit from upgraded power cords? I have them in the rest of my system, is it worth doing here (this is my first worth while cd player) So I am a little naive on the impacts that power cords can have on digital equipment. Thanks so much for any feed back, and I will put out my opinions as to the worthyness of the equipmetn after it breaks in.....I loved it after a 2 day demo, I can only imagine it will sound better after break-in.
(IMO) Many times after market power cords can have the greatest impact upon digital equipment, especially the transport.
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The cable you have is excellent. I am not that familiar with these pieces, but an AES/EBU connection is the best for most trans/DAC combos. It provides the highest bandwith. I have compared many digital cables, and the AES/EBU type always won out. I am agreement with Lak, aftermarket power cords make the most different with digital equipment, primarilty the transport. Any upstream noise will only get amplified, as it moves through your system. You sound excited about your new equipment. Congratulations.
Take the free cable - if it's not to your liking, you can always put it up on the 'Gon and get a different one.

As for the power cable issue, find a good, thick, commerically available cord for $30 or so and have at it - it's not like a transport draws much juice anyway...

Make sure it is 1.5m long. See my white-paper:
I 3rd Laks assessment on aftermarket power cords.
Careful selection can make a really nice improvement in addition to a well-designed AES/EBU cable.
Of course, having *clean power* before all this is the real icing on the cake.