Digital Cable suggestions

I am interested in experiences of and suggestions for digital cables, specifically coax (RCA). What cables have you compared and your results? I am looking at up to $200 for a cable.

As for the debate about different lengths, please refrain, I'd rather this question not divege onto that path.
Virtual Dynamics Testament works great in my system, offering the best detail, timing and smoothness. My 2nd choice would be better cables silver serpent based on its price - performance ratio (40.00) which bested straight wire (175.00) and signal audio.
I agree with Somec59
I liked my VH Audio cryo Pulsar for smoothness and punch. You should also consider the Atlas Compass in that price range.

VH Audio

UHF Magazine (for Atlas cables)
Audiogon member Joemazzaglia (owner of Auricle Audio Design) sells Encore Signature digital IC which he crafts himself.
I could not find the current price, but I recall it to be in the $75 range, ridiculously cheap for the quality of sound.
I compared to nine other digital IC's a few years back, and could not believe this bargain item reigned supreme.
Every system has its own potential, and an excellent IC transmits everything your components can deliver.
Listening in many other systems as a member of an audio club has confirmed Joe's digital IC gets the job done, and at a giveaway price.
Language is not always able to convey the joy of that special musical experience which great wire conveys. Each of us may prefer something a little different.
Luckily, there is outstanding choice in the affordable price range.
I'm quite prepared to believe Joemazzaglia's digital IC is great value. I have two of his Auricle ICs and they are the best I've heard at the price.
What other cables have you tried Tobias? I have sent Joe an email about his cables but haven't heard from him yet. I am also interested in the Pure Note Vangaurd; they have a 20 money back guarantee that is appealing.
Hi Brianmgrarcom, other than the VH Audio cryo Pulsar, I've tried Wireworld Gold Starlight, Ensemble Gigaflux, Apogee Wyde Eye, Zu Ash, a Canare cable I don't know the name of and my current and favourite cable, an Atlas Opus.
That is quite a list. The Atlas Opus is from Joe? What did you think about the Wireworld Gold Starlight and what version was it? (They currently advertise is as Gold Starlight 5.)
I highly recommend the Stereovox XV2, available online from
I found these cables to be as good as some of the the more expensive ones out there. DH labs silver sonic and the ZU fireamine.
No, Joe Mazzaglia makes cables under the Auricle name. My Auricles are analog interconnects; they stand up well against cables costing a lot more.

The Atlas Opus is made in the UK and sold in Canada by UHF Magazine among others. It is their best digital cable, it outperforms the WW Gold Starlight (IMHO) and does this at a lower price than the GS. The Atlas Opus is UHF's reference cable FWIW.

Atlas also makes the Compass digital cable. The Compass sells for CAD$160 at UHF. I haven't heard it but if it represents a significant portion of the Opus' performance it is a very good deal. UHF offers a 21-day trial on standard lengths.