Digital Cable Remote turns on Wrong unit

I have an AT&T Digital Cable box connected to my Sony TV. I have a Mitsubishi HS-U780 connected to the TV for movies only (no TV connection). When I use the Digital Cable box remote control, the power switch turns on the TV (okay) but it also turns on the Mitsubishi VCR (not okay). How can I fix either the Digital Remote or the VCR box not to turn on when when using the Digital remote control? Do I have to unplug the VCR from the wall to fix this problem? Help. thanks
I am not familiar with the exact remote you are talking about, is it programmable? Does the factory Sony remote control for your TV affect the Mitsubishi as well?
I am using the AT&T Digital Cable box remote and it is not programmable (I think). I did not have to program it to work with my Sony TV. I need to test the Sony remote control tonight and will advise. thank..
Usually Mitsub. vcr's have an a/b switch. Try changing the setting. It should, at least, stop the vcr from coming on.
The Sony remote does not turn the VCR on. I finally talked to an AT&T Technical person (after 3 times). It seems my Digital cable remote can be programmed to disconnect the VCR power from comiong on and off when the remote power switch is hit. I have to hold the remote VCR switch down for 4 seconds and hit the power switch twice. Of course, they provided no instructions to do this. I will test it tonight. thanks..