Digital Cable Recommendatoins

I was using a Moray James digital cable with my Museatex BiDat. In the past I had the Acoustic Zen digital cables and a few others in the used price range of $300 or so but the Moray James was a better sounding cable in my system. I remember reading about other cables the Stealth and how others found a cable they eventually preferred for less. I finally built my own DAC 32 bit with direct heated triode tube design, so I am thinking about trying other digital cables in the $600 price range to see if they will improve the sound. So I am looking for some suggestions.

Thank you in advance and Happy Listening.
The Morrow Dig4 is the best I've heard so far/owned and audition at least 4 cables...
I have owned the Moray and it was very good. I currently own the Cabledyne Ref. Silver both S/PDIF and AES. These cables are very clean with no digital edge. Price is around $200 depending on length. Good luck with your search. :)
I have owned and tried in four different systems the (Joemazzaglia on Audiogon) Encore Signature digital, and also one of his upgrade or custom versions, too.
Joe is an enthusiast whose cables transmit every subtle detail of a system's sound at quite reasonable prices.
Well worth considering when wanting to try the best.