Digital Cable Recommendations


I am looking to upgrade from my Nordost Silver Shadow cable. I can do RCA or BNC with adapters. The Silver Shadow plays bigger than its price point, but something is missing. I do prefer a warmer presentation. Greatly appreciate some suggestions!


I have found low end Nordost not that good and high end Nordost simply spectacular.


I would recommend Cardas Clear. Should fit what you are looking for. 


+1 (emphasis added) …. On both counts. This is the best advice you will get in this thread.

from personal experience, avoiding disappointment vis-a-vis something lacking from LEIF model level NORDOST cables is real. I heartily concur that until you move up to their NORSE model levels at a minimum , or preferably better …. look elsewhere. There is a reason why many audio expo exhibitors use NORDOST VALHALLA cables . ( but these are $$$$$)

I’ve owned NORDOST PURPLE FLARE, NORDOST FREY, and NORDOST HEIMDALLs. I’ve auditioned them all in the LEIF and NORSE model range. The FREYS gave me a sweet spot between performance and budget. I also found CHORD RUMOUR and ODYSSEY cables at a lower price outperformed the PURPLE FLAREs and the rest of the LEIF models in my systems,

I also enthusiastically recommend CARDAS CLEAR as my go-to top performer.

I upgraded my entire cables loom to CARDAS CLEAR from NORDOST FREY. The FREYs were very good, but an irritating digital “edge” / and upper level brightness persisted . With the intro to the CC loom, it was thankfully tamed along with an upgrade in audio performance that was not subtle..

I would call Patrick Cullen and if he still makes them purchase one of his digital cables.  

Jorma +1  That thing is ridiculous.  Torched my Nordost Valhalla 1.  Now runs in my main system.  Gifted one to a friend and he had the same reaction.  Attributes of transparency, attack, larger sound stage and quieter.

Was hoping for better and got fully a reference wire.

Jorma .... Aerospace BNC to German WBT RCA plug, plus uncolored super - pure PTFE and FEP. Seems intriguing ...

Thanks all for the recommendations. I wasn't even aware of the Jorma brand. I think I may be borrowing some cables to audition soon. 

I'm a big fan of DH Labs for reasonably priced, well-built cables. Would recommend as another name to add to the list.

I saw some cables that were made out of carbon. This included interconnects, speaker cables, etc.  i can't remember the name.  Also the Network Acoustic cables are good but expensive. 

I’m going to buy a Cullen Crossover Series Power Cable for my DAC in a couple of weeks. It was recommended as a very good cable for digital and the price is unbeatable. I’m using older HiDiamond interconnects and speaker cables.



Cardas appears to be a good fit from recommendations and reviews.

Also, intrigued by Audience Front Row Digital and Shunyata Sigma V2, but not many comments/reviews of the products!



There is a real advantage to being able to read about products from Main stream media before you buy. While you may choose a new upstart with a great new product, the odds are that companies that have been putting money into R&D for decades are going to, produce products that are of top quality and will hold their value versus a one off, or something with a couple good attributes and some short comings. So, in general, I stick with highly reviewed products.

Has anyone ever used the digital cables from Abbas or the Super Array from Chord?

As @christianb5s4 said, the DH Labs digital cables are ridiculously high performing for their price. I know their cables have not been the most hyped in recent years but big props to them. The value is just insane. 

Kimber D60 is a reviewer digital cable.If you can find used Marigo apparition digital cable is also excellent.Kimber d60 is detail with right system like tubes it’s hard to beat. Marigo  huge soundstage and lots of air, instruments placements is there as well.Full bodied.Both Kimber And Marigo has natural extension and speed. Vocals are to die for.

I’d recommend trying this Acoustic Zen MC2. I got one and it blew me away and does everything well. If it doesn’t blow away your Nordost just turn around and sell it. Best of luck.

I've been using D60's for maybe 30 years.  Only cable I've owned that I've never been tempted to change.

One thing I did not address was the budget! In your experiences, do you feel there is a diminishing return when stepping up from $1K, $2K....up to $4K retail, or "jaw-dropping" improvements? I am much more educated in interconnects than in the digital realm of cabling. 

I’ll reiterate the Acoustic Zen MC2 I mentioned above is a $660 cable you can get lightly used for only $290.  AZ is known for very natural-sounding cables (I also own their speaker cables and interconnects so I kinda know) and will almost certainly add some flesh on the bones you’re looking for without sacrificing detail.  If you buy it and it doesn’t work out you can surely turn around and sell it at little/no loss, and if it works out you have a high bar for another cable to displace it. Given what I’ve heard, that may take a large investment.  Only bringing this up again because I’m not really sure you need to spend $1k+ to get what you’re looking for.  FWIW. 

Thank u Bon. I got the D 60 this afternoon.  Watching the Heat game with it. LOL


Good to hear from you Senator! God Bless You