Digital cable recommendations?


The EVS Millenium DAC II units are supposedly starting to ship, and I'm somewhere on the list. THis will be my first outboard DAC. I will be using a Pioneer Elite DV05 DVD player as a transport.

Can anyone recommend a good digital coax (with RCA) cable in the $100 - $200 price range? Cardas, JPS, EVS's own cable, or any other brands?? Any info is appreciated.


Try to find an MIT Digital Reference, of all the ones I have tried, it seems to have the nicest blend of vices/virtues. Otherwise if you are looking for something good on the cheap, try the Illuminations (Kimber) DV-30. I use it to connect my DVD player to my ACT3 and it works well.
Gracias. I goofed on my message. I meant to say $100-$300 (new or used), and of course, I'd be happy to check into any cables that cost less than $100 if they're good.
Phild, I tried 6 different coax cables. Ensemble Digiflux, XLO, Monster, and Harmonic Technologies' Cyberlink Copper, Silver and Platinum. The Ensemble was incredibly smooth, but was just too "liquid" in my system. The XLO was voiced nicely, but was a bit grainy. Monster was bloated in the mid-bass. H. T. Cyberlink Copper was very similar to the XLO, without the grain. The "Silver" was better than the Copper, but a bit bright in the mids, though smooth. The Cyberlink Platinum was in a completely different league altogether. It was voiced beautifully, full bass with excellent pitch definition, clear, transparent mids, great high frequency extension without hardness. It should run you around $250, unless you get one second hand through Audiogon. of course there are other very good quality digital cables around, but IMO the Cyberlink Platinum is a sure thing in most systems. Good luck, let us know how it turns out for you.
I have a Kimber Illuminations D-60 at 1.5 meters that sounds absoulutely gorgeous. Has incredible detail and presence. Paid $205.00 on the used market. Like anything else in the audio biz synergy is everything.

hope this helps.

Try LAT International. They use an alloy of copper and silver (not silver plated copper) that combines the sonic benefits of silver with the economic benefits of copper. they are the best quality cables I have used and the least expensive as well!
Try Apogee Wide-Eye. It's available at pro/music shops. Street price for 1 meter is about $30, yet it's competitive with all but the best. This Apogee is not the old ribbon speaker maker, but instead is the major player in digital converters for the pro market.
Check out the Zu Cable Firemine. This is an excellent cable that won't break the bank. It is $60 per meter and available at or on Auction here at Audiogon. There is a 30 day money back gaurantee, so compare them with some others in your system. I compaired it to a Tara Labs CD-1 and it is more detailed than that.

Good Luck
Mapleshade Double Helix digital cable ($125.00 new and a 30 day return policy).
Ric's own EVS digital cable for $75.00 is a steal for the performance. The cable is very detailed, yet not sterile. It presents the music as a cohesive whole, not fragmented.I've been using my digital cable from EVS, since my first DAC I purchase. NOTE: I'm waiting for my unit to be upgraded from a Millenium DAC IB to II status. Good luck. Let me know when you receive your DAC and how you like it.

After, trying all the above you want to try acoustic zen mc=squared.Compare this to the best of the above cables and you will find it is a real smoker.