Digital Cable on Digital Cable Tv Box

Is it really worth the money to put a high quality digital Coaxial cable (say for $250) on a digital cable tv box that one gets from the local cable company or should one just be using a cheap cable since these cable boxes are poor to begin with? Just wondering if anyone has tried it and heard any differences. Thanks
I guess than depends if the $250 cable is better than a Canare or Belden digital cable made to audiophile standards like an Apogee or one of the other $69 jobs.

I usually suspect that many in the $250 and up market are not materially better, just a different pricing structure. They seem to be the bottom end of designer cords.

Could you be more specific? Do you mean from the wall? from the box to the tv (video)? for digital audio signals?
Very few of the channels put out a digital signal-mostly just pay per view. But I only use the digital output from my satellite receiver. The AV receiver then puts it in either analog or digital domain depending on what it is. Whe I changed from just a pair of analog cables to the glass optical($30) cable from capnstarsnstripe ?, I noticed a noticeable improvement in dialog clarity so that I didn't have to have the volume up so high to hear. Dan
I am talking about an improvement in a digital cable from the cable box to a preamp. I am considering the audioquest hawk eye or eagle eye. Thanks
I have a long run from satellite box to DAC and did not know how much difference a decent cable would make, so I ordered a 3M Better Cables Silver Serpent. I am impressed with the quality on this "bargain" cable. I play the music channels on Direct TV through my Dodson 218 and they sound pretty darn good considering the source limitations.


I've used more expensive digital audio coax's from my sat box to the receiver. I sold them all and now use a MAS Digital Reference cable ($60.00). It is the best I've come across so far. Call Stu @ Audioparts. The MAS Gray is also the best sub cable I've used (and there have been plenty of others).
Now those are up to $650, for a $35 cable box to watch tv?