Digital Cable/ICs for 47 Labs Flatfish/Progression

Hi, I have a 47 Labs Flatfish/Progression front end feeding an Air Tight ATM2 amp. I currently am using the 47 Labs OTA cabling for digital and ICs. I had been using a Shunyata Aries IC for the digital cable, which provided great detail, air and soundstage, but the upper octaves were too forward and the bass was nowhere to be found. Putting the 47 Labs OTA in as the digital cable makes everything sound natural, bass is back, but the soundstage is quite narrow. I have experimented with a Silversmith silver digital cable, but it was too bright and no bass for my setup.

I am considering picking up Jena Labs cable, but am leery about spending that kind of cash without knowing how the darn thing will sound.

I also experimented with using the OTA cable for the speakers as well (all OTA cables for this trial) but what a disappointment. The Silversmith silver speaker cables are currently in the system, much better results than OTA for the speakers.

Loaner, loaner and again a loaner. Don't buy any cable that you cannot first audition in your system. Don't go for a buy and return sale. Your doing the trail process is the way to go.