Digital cable for Theta Jade transport?

I am a headphones-only listener who was fortunate enough to snag a pair of Sony MDR-R10's, the self-proclaimed "King of all headphones, a few years ago. Since then, I've been trying to assemble a top-draqwer digital system to provide a source that's up to what the R10's can deliver.

I had worked my way up to the following: Theta Pearl transport > Nirvana Digital Transmission Line (1.5 meter) > Reimyo DAP-777 (Mk. I) > Kimber KCAG > Ray Samuels Audio Raptor headphone amp > Sony MDR-R10 headphones.

I felt that the next improvement I could make was upgrading the transport, so I sold the Pearl and replaced it with a Theta Jade. The Jade takes me much closer to the recording with a tremendous increase in detail, but it can be overwhelming on some recordings. What I mean is that on some passages, it's hard to follow the main melodic thread because so many other sonic elements are competing with it. I have a set of Audio Points on the way, as I thought that better isolation might help, but the digital IC to the DAC could certainly make a difference too.

I read a Jade review (on, IIRC) that said that you need a Tara Labs The One cable to get the best out of the Jade; I don't know if that's the case, but I'm wondering if any Jade owners have tried different digital cables and what the results were. Also, if I'm overlooking something else that might be responsible for the sometimes overwhelming amount of detail without the musical focus I was used to with the Pearl, feel free to chime in.

FWIW, I had also considered upgrading to the Mark Levinson No. 37 transport, but there have been issues with the drawer and repairs are mucho expensive; and considered the Theta Basic II, but the laser mechanism is no longer available, so if it dies, you have a $600 paperweight. If I'm going to take the epic failure chance, I am more inclined toward the Theta Basic for $600 than the Levinson at $1,800. As always, thanks.
I've been using an Illuminations Orchid AES EBU cable for the past 10 years, and have been very happy with it. I also use a Tara Labs Digital 75 RSC coax from time to time when I need to burn a CD on a Marantz DR-17. Both of these cables do a good job taming the Jade. I also think choosing the right DAC for the Jade is very crucial.
BTW, I've been considering upgrading to The One for a while - I think it would be a great cable for the Jade in my system.
Stereovox is another I would consider.
Tara's The One ISM is a very good cable. I haven't heard the Jade, though, but the Tara is slightly warm with great presence and is gentle with the detail. It replaced a Stereovox, which I found too light in comparison, IMS.

The Sonoran Lambda is another cable that's gentle with the detail, without obscuring it, as is the FIM Gold and the considerably cheaper Analysis Plus Golden Oval.

That said, I'd be surprised if the Nirvana cable was the problem. Maybe your just hearing what's really there on the CD. Besides isolation, you also might consider a CD mat -- Marigo or Herbie's.