Digital Cable for 47 Labs Shigaraki Transport/Dac?

To the folks that have the 47 Labs Shigaraki Transport and Dac.What digital cable are you using and have tried?
And what powercords? Sorry to leech onto this thread.
Let's see, the Shigaraki DAC weighs in at about 8 ounces, right? I would use the lightweight 47 Labs Stratos cable for digital IC with Shigaraki--I say this not only because of the weight, but every other digital IC I have used has smeared the time domain. As for the power cable, the 0.65mm Stratos--you will have to make them yourselves. If you are uninclined to DIY power cords, then go with the lightest NBS power cord--I think it is called the dragonfly or the stinger.

I do not use 47 Labs electronics (no longer use a DAC either), but when I used the 47 Labs cable (as a digital cable) between my player and a BC 1.1 DAC I found the Mapleshade digital IC to be close in sound to the 47 Labs cable.

I did slightly prefer the 47 Labs, but again the sound was very close.

If you plan on using 47 Labs cable throughout the system then purchase the kit for $600 (or look into their new line of cords which are more expensive). If not, then the Mapleshade cable is $125 and they offer a 30 day trial.

All of the cables in my setup (except power cords and tonearm wire) are 47 Labs OTA, and this may be why I preferred the OTA and the Mapleshade over other digital IC's (due to synergy).
I completely forgot when I last posted in this thread. I've used the Mapleshade IC as digital cable. I doubt they really have any build differences between their analog and digital ICs. Anyways, with the my Meridian Trans/Dac connected to the gaincard, the Mapleshade exhibited the most air and detail in mids with sacrifices in the extreme high and lows.

The Mapleshade IC and speakercables works very well with my Gaincard too. But, Bogdan's bare silvercable that I bought from Audiogon works even better.

I do not think that the Mapleshade Double Helix digital cable is the same as their Double Helix analog cable.

I'm not certain of the difference, but one thing I noticed is that it sounds "wrong" if it is not connected in the suggested direction, so for some reason (even though I only see two leads) it is a directional cable.

I also see from your system listing that you use the less expensive "Ultrathin" version which even Pierre describes as being lighter in the bass.

If you still have the Maplshade analog IC's around try loosening the adjustable RCA's (instead of tightening them) as this, on the digital IC anyway, increases extension in the HF area while @ the same time smoothing things out. I realize that this does sound a bit odd, but the same was true of my Harmonic Tech IC's which also used similar "big adjustable" RCA's. I found out by accident once when I forgot to tighten them (it took many weeks to figure this one out).

I just searched Bogdan and the cables are quite inexpensive. I sure could use a bit of their 18 gauge wire for the ground connections that I am replacing on some vintage gear (could probably leave it bare if it's stiff enough).

Are you using the Bogdan speaker cables as well? This is the first I have heard of them.
Hey Dekay,

The cable ends maleability is just right, atleast for me. I can shape it to fit different equipments' posts and it stays in shape.

Like you, at first I wasn't familiar with Bogdan cables. I emailed and asked whether he offers a trial period. He replied no and guaranteed that I will like them. He didn't even ask what equipment I have. Well, I still wanted to try the cables out...

I am not sure if ground connections are vital to the sound, but I whole-heartedly think you should give Bogdan cables a try. Partially because you can tell me which cable is better, OTA or Bogdan. But, mainly, I think Bogdan cables are great in my personal system. So, if you wanna buy a sub $100 cable, might as well get Bogdan. I can't think of a better alternative.