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I am writing this comparison -review for I am tired of the bought reviews out there lets face it I have see more times then not the ones who spend $$ get much more passes .
On this review I am doing digital I use a Auraliti pk-90
player,and Linear power supplyto a 1T external HD .I want to mention I came across the winner by first buying their Umbilical power cord to the Linear power supply to the player.It is excellent and MSB Audio,as well as Empirical Audio.they use them that is how I found this.
1st off the lower tier cables such as Furutech AQ, wireworld cables in the $150 and under are decent for a mid fi system, the Award winning cables Audioquest Diamond ,and wireworld Platinim 7 USB cables are a big step
up in resolution and won awards in both well known magazines $550 range to start. I took a shot and a full 30 day return policy on the Very unique Revelation Audio USB digital cable . for starters it is 4 times bigger then the competition, and as a seasoned audiophile I totally agree with their philosophy.
Digital is very sensitive to noise. This is why they use a Solid pure Silver core in a 2 Tube setup separate Teflon tube and their process you can read that on their website ,Their approach is one cable is dedicated to the DC power leg ,the other
to the Digital signal.if you have only one usb jack they can and do make a cable with both cables in one . At first listen I thought this cable is going back .I put it on repeat for 100 hours then it really started to bloom .
after 200+ hours it was a transformation in every respect
compared to the wireworld Platinum , AQ Diamond and even my friends very well regards acoustic revive which is over $1,000 the RAL Prophesy cable was better in every respect
my two friend came over for comparisons and after breakin
on blind testing 6 different tests on 8 selected songs from rock to jazz to vocals to symphony this cable made everything much more 3 dimentional ,alive real in a natural way ,and I have many DSD recordings even average red book recordings sound much better. I do need to mention though
donot expect these results if you only have $300 interconnects ,for the resolution is so good you need an interconnects that is up to the task, your system is only as good as its weakest link. if you have a very good audio system you have absolutely nothing to loose .I would like to add their Silver interconnect is on the same level as the digital cable in the above $500-$1000, Try it then make your opinions Not before thank you.
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