digital cable

can you recommened which digital cable is better to meridian dac+trans. and theta dac+trans.
the cables are:1.harmonic technology platinum digital
2.stereovox hdvx digital cable.
The Harmonic Technology Platinum Cable is an excellent choice. I actually just purchased one after auditioning one in my system. I own several digital cables and really liked the Platinum digital in my system between my CEC transport and Electrocompaniet DAC..


I happily used the Platinum (balanced) with my Theta separates until switching to van den Hul carbon (The First Ultimate or The First Metal Shield RCA, The Second XLR). I use these for all my analog connections, but find I also really like what they do for digital, which sounds more natural to me than with the metal cables I've tried, for whatever reasons. (There's a reviewer article that investigates this subject linked from the vdH website.) I haven't heard the Stereovox cable.
Try Stealth Sextet digital, I have just recently both AES and RCA conection and very impressed. Over the past week also tried this digital cable in three other set ups and all three are now looking at buying it.
If you have XLR connections on your units I would definitely give a balanced cable a try. Many times the XLR sounds better than the RCA. Most brands of digital cables come either way. Just a thought. Good luck.
And many times the RCA cable sounds better.

Why? Because the transmitting and receiving chips are not always identical in balanced and unbalanced modes. You'll need to try both in your component combination.

Which digital cable is better depends solely on your ears.
I was merely suggesting that balanced digital cables should be audutioned as well as single ended. I never said one was always superior to the other. Don't you think this would be prudent? Maybe even some BNCs.
Audiofeil, try not to get your underwear in a bunch. I know you're a dealer so you must have the inside skinny on all things audio. In this case you're making more out of my post than is actually there!
Inside skinny? No, not really. The information I presented is actually well known. Hopefully you learned something.

Relax and enjoy the music Rja.
If a dealer isn't pushing a brand, or his brand, it doesn't make a difference, his opinion is probably more valued than some---at least to me.