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I'm using a cheap digital cable between my CEC TL1X and MHDT Havana Balanced. What digital cable (coaxial) in the $150-250 (used) range would you recommend? All my analog cables (interconnects and speaker) are Cardas... but I'm reading very good reviews of Kimber Illuminati D60 for example...
I'm using a Grover Huffman AES/EBU cable from my CEC TL-2 and (2) Grover Huffman coax cables, one from my Olive 04HD music server and one from my Squeezebox Duet to my EE MiniMax DAC and LOVE them! They sell new direct from Grover for around $100 or so. They have a 60 day trial period. If you do try them, they require at least 200 hours to break-in. I would recommend even more.

The Kimber Illuminati is also an excellent choice. You could also try the Black Cat digital cable. The same designer of the Illuminati.
I like the Oyaide DB-510(bnc) or DR-510 (rca). They take a while to break in and can sound strange for a couple of weeks. After having used many digital cables over the years this my favorite.
Remember, if you buy one, no serious listening for a couple weeks.
This cable is in your range new but you may be able to find one used for even less.
Cardas Audio's Neutral Reference Digital since you already like the Cardas brand.
314.00 new , so used would fit in your price range. Plus. the cable would already be broken-in.
The price I quoted for a new Cardas Audio's Neutral Reference Digital $314.00 is for a 1 meter pair. $236.00 for .5 meter.
Check out the Blackcat Silverstar 75

$150 and has a good story.
I have used the Kimber Illuminati D60 previously and it is indeed an excellent cable. Do get only the 0.5m length for best sonics and value.
I was under the impression that a 1.5 meter cable length was optimal for a digital cable.
+1 for Blackcat Silverstar 75. But, if you can find a used Stereovox Reference XV-Ultra (same guy who runs Blackcat, Chris Sommovigo) it is a level up from the already very good SS 75. I think I paid $250 for mine.
The best S/PDIF coax that you can buy at any price is the BNC-BNC 4-foot cable with RCA adapters that Empirical Audio sells for only $250. It beats cables costing 10X. Only the best pure silver and expanded Teflon technology.

This cable has been in shootouts with the best S/PDIF cables on the market and always wins. I have many customer feedbacks posted on forums confirming this.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Some good options listed above. I'll just chime in because I've got the Stereovox XV2, which is related to the Illuminati and Blackcat as it's from the same designer. It's a very transparent and very detailed digital cable, so if you're looking for more clarity and detail out of your system these may be good cables to try. If your system already leans to the, um, lean side they may not work for you, although the Blackcat my be different -- I haven't heard it.

I also have an Apogee Wyde Eye that I tend to use most of the time. In my system it sounds a little more balanced and natural and less tipped up in the highs than the Stereovox yet still nicely detailed. You can get a 0.5m Wyde Eye cheap at music stores (i.e. Guitar Center, etc.). Hope this helps and best of luck.