Digital Audio Switchers

Anyone out there familiar with either of these 2 switchers. Shinybow 8804 and Inday DA4X-R

I’m planning on getting one of them but wanted some feedback before making the jump.
My main concern is a degrade in the Digital (coax) signal passing thru either of these.
Is one better than the other on having less jitter, etc..
I’m liking the Shinybow better as I need more digital coax inputs so I can feed my Parasound Dac 2000 all my Digital coax sources.
It’s possible to link 2 of the Indays together to obtain more Coax inputs but that may degrade the signal more.
I did call Shinybow and they said their switcher wouldn’t add jitter?
Inday said a minimal amount?
Any input or experience would be appreciated.

Thank You!