Digital Audio Options

I'm about to unpack my venerable Rotel RCD-965BX CD player that has been hibernating in its factory packaging for some 12 years now.  It's every bit of 20+ years old, and due to very minimal use, I'm pretty sure it still works, but I worry about things like capacitors and other stuff going bad over the years which would impact audio quality.  When it finally decides to retire, I don't know that I want to replace it.  I mean, does anyone listen to CD's anymore?  I think I'd rather buy a turntable, which I haven't owned since my Mitsubishi LT-5V, and brush the dust off my vinyl for a new thrill!

I've been using Bluetooth in the car, and hooking up my iPhone to my pre-amp.  I can't imagine that's providing the best source, but that I don't know.  I'm probably one of the last guys to buy a gas grill, buy a CD player, and incredibly, I've yet to own a DVD player, so when it comes to electronics, I'm in the dark ages.  So, I have a few quick questions:

1.  I've seen a small device from Focal that plugs into an open set of RCA jacks, and allows the streaming of Bluetooth to the system.  I would assume that what is streamed to it will dictate the sound quality.  I have to imagine a good source would be as good as a CD, but is that the case?
2.   If the above is not sufficient, is there a product that provides streaming of Bluetooth with some sort of DAC or processor that improves the signal quality?

I don't know that I'm interested in getting into complex digital audio servers and the like, so any advice and/or input would be most appreciated.  I'd probably be looking to spend $500 or less.

OPPO 103    $499.
You may be interested in a network player to stream online music from services such as Tidal or Spotify. You don’t have to setup your own server. Search network music players on Amazon and you will get many choices. They can be priced from $35 such as the Chromecast Audio to thousands of dollars.

For the best possible audio quality, I would avoid Blue tooth streaming.  It is useful for students and pool parties but not for someone who is looking for the best their hardware can do.

The Oppo 103 is interesting...So essentially, it's a do-all unit, playing all types of disks, while also allowing streaming of audio...I assume the integrated DAC is sufficient for high-end signal quality, given advancements in that area...

Sounds like it'll do everything I need...Thanks for the lead...

Any other options?
First test out your Rotel player to find how it sounds. As an upgrade, I believe it has an coax digital output such that it could be used as a transport with an external DAC. This would bypass the 20+ digital and analog stages in the player.  I believe this approach to be of higher sound quality that bluetooth streaming.