Digital audio connection..... Rookie misunderstanding. Hoping for work around.

I purchased a new Gustard x26 pro Dac under the pretense that I could hook up my AVR digital HDMI out to the IIS-HDMI in. I had no idea that IIS is a different protocol and wouldn't work with a regular HDMI cable...uggh. My intent was that I would balance the volume of the DAC and AVR independently. (Honestly Im not sure that would work either.)

So now I'm looking for a work around since I don't have a preamp (the Gustard Dac is directly connected the mono's via XLR), I've spent hours searching the web for different combination of cables and converters to no avail, but I might be looking for something that does't exist due to my lack of understanding of connection protocols among other things. Hopefully someone more knowledgable than myself can help me get the front L&R signal from the AVR to the Gustard to enjoy HT Surround Sound, or at least stop me from "spinning my wheel" searching for the unobtainable.

OK, here the setup:
Streaming though FireTV via HDMI to Denon AVRx3300. (ARC HDMI out to TV)
Denon also has HDMI out for zone 2 (configurable to surround back channel). It's also has RCA pre outs for all channels.
The Gustard has the following in's. AES, USB, IIS-"HDMI", Optical, Coax, and Bluetooth. 
Sony ns900v CD/ SACD player has Optical out, 5 channel RCA out and Coax out.
Node 2i has optical and Coax out (but prefer Coax for hi res streaming).

Does anyone see a way to connect all three to the Gustard ...the Node 2i, Sony NS900v, and the Denon? 

Thanks in advance


There are a multitude of ways starting with:

Sound quality is a different matter. Try it a return it if not satisfactory.
One thing for sure is that the AVR will not regulate it's HDMI out.
Good luck
@fuzztone.  Thanks...I Hadn't thought about sending the signal to the DAC prior to reaching AVR...! That could prove to be helpful.

Unfortunately this solution still leaves me with just only one compatibly available DAC input (coax) for both CD and the Node 2i. Since I need connections for all three components, I will need a way to convert at least one signal either HDMI, Coax, or Opt to AES, USB, or IIS and preferably the HDMI signal.

Sorry if I didn't explain that very well. Thanks for your help
Well, the good news is you bought a great DAC. The bad news is that if you’re looking for better 2-channel performance while continuing to use your AVR, which I assume is the case since you apparently have mono block amps, you’ll need a decent stereo preamp to take the front L/R analog pre outs from the Denon (and the X26) since the Gustard doesn’t have analog inputs. In the long run you’ll be better off anyway since a good stereo preamp will sound better than the preamp section in the Gustard. Hope that helps.
OK, I think I got it. I can connect the FireTV to the Avidio. Then the Avidio hdmi out to Denon and Optical out to Gustard. (see link below)

I can then connect this coax RCA to EAS/EBU cable from CD player to Gustard. again link below

That leaves me the Node 2i connection to the Gustard via quality coax cable.

Although it's not the most elegant solution, I do think it fits my purposes of maintaining the best SQ from both the CD player and the Node 2i. Probably some sacrifice in the in surround but I'm ok with that since i don't really listen to sound tracks critically.

Anybody see any issues with this....or maybe a better solution?

Ideally I think I'd like to have a HDMI in converter to HDMI and EAS/EBU or to USB out so I could keep my current Optical and Coax cables for both the Node 2i and CD player.