digital amps

did anyone compared spectron musician2 , tact millenium ,belcanto evo4, to pass labs, cary v12,or other high end amps.what do they need for input(analog and digital)please give any input on that matter.thanks
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I have owned the Bel Canto Evo 200.2 and the Pass Labs X-250. The Bel Canto was actually an impressive performer- It presented a deep soundstage with very little high-end grain. It also generated NO heat.

That said, my Pass X-250 is hotter than hell but outperforms the Bel Canto in every area, especially treble extension and bass control. The newer Bel Canto Evo 4 is supposed to have improved in both of those areas vs. the Evo 200.2, but I seriously doubt it has equalled the Pass.

What the Bel Canto offers for the money demands serious consideration, in my opinion.
As good as they are as a stereo amp (and they are very, very good), the Bel Canto's should really be used in bridged mono configuration if you want to hear what they are capable of. Their circuit topology isn't really well suited to one-per-channel use, not compared to what it can do in bridged differential mode anyway. Kind of like the improvement going from the Pass Aleph to the X series, come to think of it (which is gigantic, IMO).