Digital Amplifier Company

Anybody here ever own or listen to one of these amplifiers. Tommy O'brien paints them red and calls them a cherry of one sort or another. They are class D and Tommy seems loath to discuss the specifics of their operation. He does not use any premanufactured modules having a proprietary design. He sells only directly, and does very little marketing.
I like his philosophy but not sure if it will make a successful business. It is hard to fine a negative comment on one of his pieces.  
Here is a link which I think tells you a lot about the man, the company and his thinking about not revealing too much.

One very interesting thing to me is that forums and reviewers tend to say that his amplifiers sound like the better parts of tubes and solid state combined....he says that is NOT his goal....that his goal is to drive distortion and S/N to a low level and then to tune his amplifiers to sound like nothing...don't add or subtract anything to the sound...not that this is unique because other well regarded amplifier designers say similar things.

I recently purchased the company's new 2Cherry amplifier.  Let me be clear, I'm not saying this is the best amplifier in the world as there are a lot of great amplifiers.  What I am saying is that this amplifier was transformative to my system

What stands out most about the 2Cherry is the incredible level of transparency/clarity that seems to lift a fog that you didn’t know was there which brings the music alive. There is no sibilance, no brightness, no harshness, no artificially pumped up midrange and top end. This amplifier brings you into a detailed, layered, powerful yet delicate soundstage with emotional involvement similar to a live performance.

Here is another link to his Audio Circle page where there are many threads that provide a lot of feedback, reviews and information.

Thanx for the reply snapsc. I read the article and he mentions TACT. I owned two of those amps which sounded great into ribbons but could not handle my ESLs. He does keep his proprietary information close to the vest but I learned that he samples around 2 meg and probably in PWM. The TACT sampled at 9 meg PWM. None of this means his amps are better or worse than the TACTs. Much of it depends on the power supplies. I messaged him directly and he related that he might soon build a pair of demo Mega amps. I told him my all means let me know when they are done.