digital amp, rowland 201,nuforce?

has anyone compare these two digital amps.what their strength and weakness. also is the CONCERTO integrated amp ( the amp section) the same as the 201 amp?

I demoed these two products (Rowland 201 and the Nuforce 8.02), and found the Rowland had only slightly (!) greater control over the bass (with 150 additional wpc one would have expected this) and a slightly more resolved noise floor. In all other areas I found the differences hard to distinguish in an evening. Rowland build quality is beyond the beyond, this is what you are paying for. Both companies have fabulous and quick service should you ever have a problem.

The Rowland 201's sell used for approximately 4x the price of the Nuforce used. After our audition, the owner of the Rowland sold those amps and is now using NuForce, prefering to spend the difference on other areas of his system.

Further questions?
I have compared the 201's & 501's along with Bel Canto Evo 2's.

I purchased an H2o Audio pair of S250 Signature Monoblocks which eclipsed the performance of the Rowland and Bel Canto's I had auditioned, and performed supior to other switching mode amps I had heard.

6 Moons H20 Signature Review
The Concerto integrated amp section is effectively the same as as pair of 201s. In my opinion, the 201s sound very different from the Nuforce amps, but they are both great products. I am sure the H20 is also great, but jeeziz, Audiofankj, give it a rest.
The following quote is from a Positive Feedback review of the H2O amplifier. I paste it here not to single out the H2O amp, but because the description corresponds with my impression of every digital amplifier I have heard in my home and at audio demonstrations. It is either positive or negative depending entirely on one's listening perferences.
My wife and I were at 9000 feet in the eastern Sierra Nevada, in a coffee shop looking at a beautiful print, over 24 x 32 inches in size. The photograph had been made in an area we had just hiked through. There was no indication that it was a digital image, but by analyzing the picture and making some deductions, we concluded that it was digital, then confirmed it with the owner of the restaurant. Though the picture was beautiful, we were bothered by something that was hard to identify. It wasn't the subject, the composition, or the color. After about fifteen minutes of scrutiny, we finally noticed that everything was in really intense, sharp focus. The quality of focus not only made Ansel Adams' work look downright weak, it made our trip through the meadow seem out of focus. This was not how film captures images, nor how the human eye focuses on objects.

Positive Feedback H2O Amplifer Review
I think what Positive Feedback stated holds true for what I have heard from the Rowlands, Bel Canto's, etc., and obviously the H2o they reveiewed as well.

What they reviewed was the "entry level" H2o Stereo for $3K

That is not the amp I own, nor the sonics my pair posses. Thus the price difference, as well as the 6moons much more favorable review.

I am certain the Signature Mono's sound a LOT better, as I heard the standard mono's as well before purchase.

Drubin, I am not trying to beat any dead horse. I myself was thankful to come across the H2o off of a thread here on Audiogon, as they do not advertise everywhere, and I had heard other digital amps that left me wanting more, and much along the lines of the sound described from the Positive Feedback article Tvad linked.

For those out there searching for an "overacheiver" at a certain price point, I can assure you the H2o Sig Mono's put the Rowland 201's to shame. I will also go on the record to let you know I was biased. I WANTED the Rowlands. I LOVED the looks. Phenominal looks, gorgeous, cool, must have. However, the ears won... I have the industrial boxes, that sound much better. IMO...
I have not had the Red Dragon mono blocks in my system but from what I have heard, they should be added to your list. They are the only digital amps that interest me. With the exception of the 25 watt 47 Labs amp, I have not owned a ss amp in 20 years, so this would be a major change for me. I will soon get, I hope, my H-Cat amp which is also ss, so there may be change in my immediate future.