Digital amp on IRS Beta??

I'm hearing and reading a lot about the "new"digital amp from Acoustic Reality. Does anybody ever hear them playing?

I'm looking for a amp on the hign/mid's for my IRS Beta's
I'm gonna use the Beta also for surround, so tubes is out of the game. I know I need a tube sounding amp.

Is the 2 x 500W eAR Two MKII from Acoustic Reality a good option???

Who has any experience and ever listen to this amp???
I have heard the eAR it is all that has been said. Synergy is everything. Buy it and try it in your system, Acoustic REality has a 21 day trial period.
I NEVER found a solid state amp that worked with the high/mid Beta columns. The low impedance of the speaker combined with the low output impedance of SS amps made the Betas much too bright. They could be tamed somewhat by covering the SEMITs and EMITs partially with electrical tape, but the ONLY way I ever got these great speakers to sing was with tubes.
Thanks for the feedback

anybody else???

The Spectron is a good choice for audition.
I have the eAR2 on my speakers, and I've never heard anything close.