diffuser panels made more simple?

I am just curious about the building a diffuser panel in a diy project. I priced many and the pricing for what looks like injection molded close cell foam forms is a little to rich for my blood. I'm asking about the forms "diffuser panels" is there a rhyme or reason to there structure? I am sure a PC model of sound waves is used to build a structure and then a mold is made. Can I just as a layman just glue different forms and then spray with a water base paint and mount or is this just a simplistic view of a more complicated structure? I thank anyone with some expertise in this and please bare with me if I am completely off track.
Search for existing thread called:

"Making Your Own 2D Diffusors"

You can do exactly what you propose and spray with latex paint. The contributor who offers his write-up, near the end of the post, did just that and you can get detailed info from him.

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Depending on skill level, most of the DIY acoustic projects I have seen, look exactly like what they are. Take a look at www.acousticalsolutions.com for the alpha-sorb panel which does not have the wild diffusor look. GIK has some low priced diffusors that look like diffusors.


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Schipo - I can't really tell from your description, but do you mean the "Skyline" type of diffusers is what you're interested in possibly building? If so, then the best Skyline calculator I've found and used is found here:

I have a written up Word doc on how to use the site and how to build them using wood. Within my system are pics of the Skylines I've built, both with a painted and polyurethaned finish. I think the latter looks better and adds 'warmth' to the room.

If you're interested in building a hemi-cylindrical diffuser like what RIVES puts on the middle of their client's front wall, then I've done that several times and can share the details too. System pic also have a picture of it. . .
I have several RPG like units made from The Master Handbook of Acoustics that I will give to anyone coming by to get them.