Difficulty Tilting Martin Logans Foward

My experiments indicate that I get the best sound at my listening position with my 72" Martin Logan Sequel II speakers tilted foward. However, when tilted more than just a little, they are ready to topple over! Anyone out there figure out hot to tilt these foward without knocking them over? Anyone know of any stands that would allow for this? (I emailed sound-anchor but they did not respond).
Easy Dude -- just Epoxy a 20 lb barbell plate to the rear of the woofer cabinet -- which could have additional anti-resonance benefits.
You did not mention if you have the speakers on cones, some type of platform, etc...

As such, if it is sitting flush on the floor, you can go to your local hardware store and pick up some simple wooden shims. These come in little packages and can be added to achieve whatever lift or tilt ratio that your trying to achieve.

If your using cones, etc... you can try using smaller cones in front and taller cones in the rear. This will give you the forward lean that your looking for.

Neither of these will deal with your problem of the speakers not being balanced. Merely suggestions that might or might not work. Good luck and let us know what you end up doing. Your experience with this one might end up benefitting someone else. Sean
My earlier post wasn't meant to be taken literally, but to serve as a model for what needs to be done. If you can somehow add weight to the back or bottom rear of the woofer enclosure without marring or damaging the cabinet, that should bring things back into balance. If the top of the woofer box is flat, you could probably apply weight toward the rear of that surface. Sand-filled bags or lead shot might suffice.
I agree with PLATO but before gluing anything try removing the front spikes. If you dont have martin logans new ETC spikes then get them they offer more flexability. The best advice I can give is to call Martin Logan. Good luck
Thanks for the suggestions far.
1. Can't use shims or spikes (tried both) because while they give you enough tilt, they do nothing to prevent the toppling over of the speaker; they just add to the imbalance.
2. Would not want to weight down the top of woofer box because while it is flat, a weight would oppose the panel and block the sound from exiting the back of the speaker, causing a lack of imaging and focus, lack of ambience. Also, the top of the woofer box is high enough such that it possibly would assist in tipping over the speaker rather than oppose such action.
3. Thought about attaching weights but there is no easy way to accomplish that.
--- keep em coming.
Plato's concept is on the mark--humorous--but imaging a wooden box that sits on the floor and extends beyond the speaker (behind the speaker). Fill the box with lead shot or other suitably heavy material and then use the rear spike taps to attach the rear of the speaker to the box. If it is tightened down firmly it should have some small affect on resonance, but more importantly will make it difficult for the speaker to topple forward.
Try putting kickstands from a bicycle. Just kidding I know thats of no help to you sorry. Did you try to take the front spikes off completly. Call MARTIN LOGAN.... Good luck
Just screw them into the floor!
Never had this problem with my Martin-Logan's. Have them tilted forward also!!