difficult choice EC/BAT

i have B&W 802.. no preamp yet, and have to choose between Electrocompaniet 180 monoblocks and a B.A.T VK60. im helping a friend with money for christmas and am going to buy something from him.. i like both in my system, cant decide.. what would you guys chose?
If the sound is a toss up.
How is Electrocompaniet if you need service? BAT is good in my experience.
I have an all BAT system. BAT service is excellent and BAT has a feasible upgrade path for their products. Lastly, BAT products do well on the resale market.
BAT will always be more accessable, and available for used market... EC is nice stuff but from the few auditions I have had not super exciting, and bottom line I don't think EC will hold value as well as BAT if you decide to trade off down the road.
BAT VK 60 won't be enough juice...
hehe, both for and against here. i live 5 miles from the EC factory, so the service shouldnt be a problem. BAT is tempting because of the world of tubes.. i really dont know. maybe i can borrow the amps more.
how about classe ? they sound really good together....
otherwise, the ec mono's..