Differents composite and component?


As I am new in surround system, I hope someone can help me.
What is the diffrents between composite and component, are composite one cable and component tree? (at least I know component is the best)please in an easy way, because I am not very technical. I have just bought a Monster m1000v silver cable with RCA ends, and I am wondering if I can use this in my Sony DVD(I want component)behind it is writing Component and under this tree RCA conecters called Y, Cb/b-y and Cr/r-y. Can I use my Monster m1000v and do I have to buy two more or what? Or maybe someone have to bee audio cables and not video?
Hi, Yanomami: Composite video cables carry all 3 parts of the video signal that are needed for the color display. Component cables, however, have 3 cables that are bundled together, and each cable carries a separate signal. A good component cable will give you a MUCH better color picture than a composite cable.

The Monster M1000 cable that you bought is a Super-VHS cable, and it will give you a better picture than a composite cable, but NOT as good as component cable. If you want the best picture from your DVD player, you will need to buy a component video cable.

There are a number of companies that make component video cables, and any of the better quality brands should work fine. I am using a component video cable made by BetterCables to connect my DVD player to my TV. BetterCables builds a very good product, and their prices are reasonable. You can find out about their cables at this Web site address:

Yanomami, You need the 3 part component input on the video/television also. IF you have both on DVD and Television then yes you can use 3 video RCA cables for the 3-part component signal... or a three part cable specially made for the component signal. I have a Monster silver video three-part component cable I got from an internet dealer. one and a half meters for $160.00. If the cable you now have is for the S-VHS connection. That will work BETTER than a composite cable, but not as good as the component cables.
Thanks SDcampbell!

That was exactly what I needed to know, perfect.
I only wondering why my cable have a RCA connection and not a S-whs connection? Can I putt it in video out, it fits there?
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Hello Elizabeth!

Do I understand you correct, that I can buy two more Monster M1000V like this I have (Mine has RCA and not this round s-VHS connection) and it is as good as this three in one Component cable?
Make sure your TV has a DVD component input for starters. The jacks are usually labled "Y" "CR" "CB" If you do not have these inputs on the back of your TV You will not be able to make a component input connection from your DVD player. If your TV has a yellow, red and white jack on it . That is not a component input. That is single ended video with stereo audio. Do you understand the diffrence? If your TV has the above mentioned jacks. Go back to the stereo store and buy a tri-cable. The sales man can help you. It looks like 3 of the ones you already have glued togeather
Or just get two more Monsters, matching the one you have and be careful to match up the inputs and the outputs (assumming your video display can accept a component video in, as others have mentioned.
Yes, two more like the one you have will be good.
Thanks a lote friends for your advices, this is a superb way of learning.

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