...differentiating top D/A's sound impression.

...differentiating the top D/A choices by sound impression.

Can someone differentiating the top D/A choices or even CD players in regards of sound impression and characteristics.
(features are secondary to me however multiple switchable sources could be a plus)

I like a lot my Legend D/A Music Reference (now von Gaylord).
I am potentially looking for a second digital (CD potentially Internet or PC) source for a second system.

If the Legend D/A Music reference (now von Gaylord) would be still available or if I could find a used one it would be easy.
There current model is to much for a second system.
I listen to it a while back it did improve a little over the older model on my system but not enough sound
improvement for my set up to justify $13k .

I am open to look at anything that is a got a have it product.

I like the musical , emotional , sweet , good and controlled soft deep base , clear sound stage , all the detail , not to loud , and so on.
the typical brands I am drawn to is Infinity Classics IRS , older Rowland like model 7 , Pass 250 , Jadis , Legacy , Soundlab , MBL , von Gaylord ,
System #1 Infinity IRS Beta,Rowland7, Pass250 ,Von Gaylord (Legend) CD & DA & pre amp and cables.
System #2 Legacy Illusion , Jadis, PC , HK CD HD7600 ,Nakamichi Dragon tape ,Sansui TU9900 tuner ,a never used J A Michell hydraulic pretty turntable ,Von Gaylord (Legend) cables.

any advice would be great.

Teajay here wrote pages and pages on the 'flavors' of DACs...a good read which covers a lot of this ground. My two cents is you may wish to listen to a few NOS DACs (NOn-oversampling) as a start. Zanden, Ypsilon, Concert Fidelity are 3 great DACs which are all non-oversampling. Also Audio Note. I would say many would describe these as similar to the sound you describe as your preference above.

I run the Zanden myself...and despite being 5-6 years...have not come across digital i prefer. A personal preference yes, but nevertheless my preference over newer options incl Scarlatti, Audio Aero La Source, Stahl-Tek Vekian (original), ARC CD 8, Metronome Kalista Ref/C2A. Not saying these are not sensational (they are)...just somehow could not get away from something wonderfully addictive about the Zanden which allows me to keep playing for hours on end, full albums no switching. Good luck.

You've got great systems/brands there.