Different ways to Biwire speakers

I have a pair of Von Schwiekert VR4 Gen IIIs that are a two piece speaker with one pair of binding posts on the bottom speaker and one pair on the top speaker. Obviously, I can run two pairs of speaker cables to each of the two modules. Another way would be to run one set of cables to either the bottom or top module and run another set of cable between the two modules bypassing the amplifier. Is there any downside to this method?
I owned a pair of these. As I recall, Von Schweikert mentions this in the
manual, and recommends going from the amp to the upper module, and
running a jumper from the upper to the bass module.

I ran mine this way with good results.

Now, it's been a couple of years, so I could have it backwards. I know I tried it
both ways and preferred the method mentioned above, whether or not it was
the VS recommended method.
the VR4 Geniii manual says you should use a jumper only as a temporary solution. Bi-wiring them is the correct connection. Further, TVAD's recollection is correct, you should connect the wire to the mid/tweeter module, and the jumper down from that.