Different volumes while streaming

When I listen to songs I've streamed on Spotify, they are all at different volumes and I'm constantly adjusting the volume on my iPhone.  I addressed this concern in a previous post and was advised to use the Normalization feature which I have done with very little luck. Can I resolve this problem by using another streaming service such as Tidal, etc,?  Thanks for any advice. 
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Every recording is mastered at different levels.
It's always been that way. Just master your own tracks and listen to them.
Ha! Vinyl is the same. As fuzztone said, it's just the source material and how it was recorded.
Silly question...How do I master my own tracks?  I'm fairly new at this hobby. Thank you for any advice.
Roon has volume leveling so all your music plays at the same volume. 
Sorry, I'm new at this, what is Roon?
Please disregard my last post.  I've researched Roon on line. It sounds pretty impressive but seems a bit complex just to adjust volume. I know it does a lot more than that but for now, I'm trying to keep things simple.  Thank you for your advice.