Different types of speaker design and placement.

I'm looking for a nice pair of speakers that I can put relatively close to the back/rear wall for about 65% music and 35% movie. It'll be used with REL Starta III subwoofer, so I guess it could be eitehr floor-standing or monitor/bookshelf.

What I learned little bit about different types of speaker designes are:

1. Sealed Box design - some of the monitor/bookshelf speakers, these can actually be put 'on wall' ex. Soliloquy SAT-5, but somewhat limited performance especially in the bass.

2. Rear Ported Design - need to be a bit away from the rear wall - many full-range floor standing speakers and some monitor/bookshelf speakers

3. Front ported design - probably in between 1 and 2? Some monitor speakers and some full range speakers

So I though what I'm looking for is maybe speakers with front ported design.. Currently what I'm considering is Sonus Faber Concerto which handles up to 200W and goes down to 40hz. Then let the REL Strata III handle below 40-50hz.

Am I understood right? Am I on the right track?
Concerto and REL a good combination?

Any other suggestions?

If you really want to place the speaker close to (or against) the wall, you might consider the Allison Model 3, which is reviewed in the new issue of TAS (page 99). The Allison's enclosure is triangular in shape, and (by design) is placed right in the corner of the room. Read the article and see if the Allison 3 interests you.