Different tubes different flavor

Hello everyone. I am sure this topic is widely understood by the experts here, but I would like a general overview of different opinions on different tube amplifier designs.

I currently live in China, a land full of tube amplifiers hard to find info on. Right now I have an Onix SP3 and a small hybrid amplifier used to power a pair of small, high sensitivity speakers.

I am intrigued by the offerings of Yarland and am trying to decide between these tube amps to find a change in sound, which both cost around $200 USD here:

1. http://www.yarland.com/en/product_13.asp

EL84 wired in triode I believe.

2. http://www.yarland.com/en/product_14.asp

Single ended,  Power Tube: EL34B or KT88 x 2

 Impulse Tube: 6N3 x 2

Any input on the different flavor these might offer?

Hi Gang at cheers.
Does anyone own or have any experience with the Yarland
P100 Headphone amplifier. Any info appreciated. Phones to
be used, AKG K 701. Thanks.
I have had a P100 for more than a year. I using grado 325i and 60,s It is a very good amp let alone for the price. Right out of the box in stock form, however with tube upgrdes and power cord I you will not need to go any further in searching for better sound . Very senitive to any changes made to interconects, power or tubes. I have found to my taste the best sound is with the stock input tubes and EI elite driver tube with pangea 14 power cord and transparant ic,s You wont regret buying this amp . Hope this helps