Different sound from inputs 1 and 2 on preamp

Does or has anyone observed that there is difference in sound between different imputs on the same preamp. I have discovered that with my Pass X1 my input balanced 1 sound different from my input balanced 2. They both sound good but they sound different.Is this normal and has anyone else noticed differences between their inputs sonically on their preamps.
It usually happens with Bourbon fans.
My advice is to switch to Jack Daniel's.
The Audio Research LS15 sounded different from each input, very noticeable in quick a b change. My current preamps, VAC Renaissance and Classe DR5 do not exhibit this behavior. Pick the input you like best and use it.
Try a different set of ics with your source or at your source move the left ic to the right and vice versa.

Then try your tests again.

I know my pre (AI L-1) has different path configurations based on the inputs used.

Usually the tape inputs have sounded the best on the Jadis preamps I've owned--probably less wire/bussbar to travel, although there is a cheap relay switch it goes through, which would seem to contradict my observations. On some preamps from Jadis (the JPL and I believe the JPS 2) the CD input has an additional tube in the circuit to supposedly soften the digital glare, that would definitely sound different than the other inputs. Otherwise, I have not noticed differences in my pre--I wonder if some inputs in your pre are more sensitive, and therefore louder at the same volume pot setting?
I agree with Marakanetz......
I've noticed it...on my Counterpoint SA-5000 the tape 1 input has one less switch in the path than the CD, tuner, etc. On other preamps I assumed it was because I used channel 1 often and burned it in, but didn't often use the others.
I never switched to Jack Daniels, still drinking Jim Beam but changing the preamp did eliminate the input differences. In my case, the differences were of soundstage and image specivity not a frequency type change.