Different Power Cords in same system - ok or bad?

I currently have a Transparent Audio Reference PowerIsolator power conditioner and a Transparent Reference Powerlink going from the conditioner to the outlet wall (it came with the power conditioner). I will soon be replacing the stock cords on all my components incrementally that will plug into the conditioner and wondered if it is recommended to go with all Transparent Power Cords or can I go with a different company such as Nordost, Shunyata, or Audience? I didn't know how important it was to keep this matched to my power conditioner and its dedicated cable. In case it matters, I DON'T have Transparent Audio speaker cables and interconnects. This is my only Transparent product thus far in my system. Thanks for your input.
As might be expected, opinions on this question will differ. See this thread, which addressed a similar question. My opinion was summarized in the first of my posts in that thread dated 1-5-12, in which I said:
01-05-12: Almarg
I see no reasonable plausibility in the expectation that given power cord characteristics will result in effects on the sound that are consistent across components that perform different functions, that have vastly different fluctuations in their power draw, that have vastly different amounts of power draw, that generate different amounts of rfi, that can be presumed to have different rfi sensitivity, that interpose completely different power supply designs between the AC and the signal path, and that may be completely different designs in just about every other respect.
-- Al
What Al said. My experience is that while I find certain PCs to be generally to my liking (e.g. VH Audio Airsines), and others not so much, one does well to evaluate as many PCs as possible for each component. Much as I love the Airsines, they don't work for all my components. Given that most people will have a half dozen or so components, it gets pretty involved and expensive to evaluate even 3 or 4 PCs times 6. Buying used can help a lot. Bring in a used PC, give it a good test drive on all your components, then dedicate that PC to that component for several weeks and give it a good test drive. Bring in another and repeat the process. Solicit thoughts of others who own your particular components regarding PCs that have worked well for them in your application. That at least helps narrow the field. I would also do the evaluation with one or two PCs at a time.
My opinion is that you can use whichever power cords you wish, except any that you shouldn't use regardless of brand. My system has a big mix of power cables which I think are appropriate for the equipment at hand. An example is that I like to use silver cables from my turntable, a smaller guage of copper for the CD player compared with heavier cables for the power amps. I am sure you get the picture. I think it works well. If I had money to burn I might consider a "loom" from one manufacturer but it would still be tailored to the gear it serves.
You've got to be kidding me.
I should preface my question by asking those people who really want to help to only answer. A sarcastic sentence is wonderful help, Devilboy. If you could care less, please don't answer anymore.
I think if all your equipment is from the same manufacturer and vintage then using all of the same cabling throughout is probably a good.
But once, that changes each component probably will react differently with different cables. At least that has been my experience.
You'll have to trust me on this but since switching over to portables which obviously have no power cords things sound quite a bit purer and less distorted. Are no power cords better than a really expensive high end power cord? One assumes so.
I suspect Devilboy meant to say is, "Yes, it is ok to use different power cords in the same system."

With all the different factors that make up an audio system, including parts from many different manufacturers, feet and feet of transformer wire, different types of caps, hook-up wire, IECs, switches, etc. you are probably best off choosing whatever cables sound good to you. In a general sense, cable manufacturers sometimes have a house sound where certain cable lines for example provide more detail and speed in comparison to others that may provide more body and tonal density. But that doesn't mean using cables from only one manufacturer is going to give you a better sounding system.

The need to use cables from only one manufacturer is a pipe dream fabricated by people who fabricate cables when they are not smoking pipes. You no more need to use only one brand of cables than you would need to use electronics from only one manufacturer. IMO
You will probably get better sound by eliminating all that stuff, and going directly into the wall. Personally, I have never met a power conditioner that didn't screw up the sound of my system.

the Transparent cables/cords are built to compliment one another. Especially ture, if one is using one of their power/line conditioners. Synergy is going to be key.

Another factor to consider is that the individual pieces of gear that is in your rig. Some brand(s) are better w/ Transparent PC while others are not. Should you have any queries contact Transparent and ask for Brad.

Finally, the most cost-effective way to size up your system
w/ any line of cabling, is by first starting w/ PC and work from there. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

Which power conditioners have you tried? Just want to find out more information to interpret your negatives of power conditioners. Thanks
I use both Audio Art and Silnote power cords in the same system and there is nothing to my ears detrimental to doing so. I use a Blue Circle power conditioner and it made a positive impact
The power conditioners I had in mu system are...Shunyata, PS Audio, Richard Grey (the worst) and a few others I don't recall. The system always sounded better with them removed.
Djfst, just thought I'd chime in to mention I found an outstanding deal on a Nordost Heimdall2 power cord. Since we've been chatting a bit about the PL HP, thought I'd mention my score.

The system now has Heimdall 2 feeding the PL HP, table>phono pre>HP
The phono pre just has a budget PC, but if I see a listing....?
The last piece of the puzzle,(and most expensive) speaker cables, are now on the hit list. This one may take awhile, as they don't seem to get listed.
Once that's accomplished, DONE!
As mentioned before,you're now at the hair splitting stage, it's easy to get caught up in the cable voodoo. IMO, I would simply enjoy listening to the system, ensure I have those speakers in their sweet spot and look at the room as well. With the exception of REALLY lame stock cords, that system should sound fantastic WITHOUT "special" cables.
Have you done your homework on room tuning?
Speaker placement and the room will have a greater impact than any "special" cable that posters and myself suggest.
That PLC you have certainly won't hurt sonics, but as one poster has mentioned, he prefers nothing.
Consider sitting back with a beer and listening.
08-22-15: Stringreen
You will probably get better sound by eliminating all that stuff, and going directly into the wall. Personally, I have never met a power conditioner that didn't screw up the sound of my system.
I was in the same boat until I tried a passive Weizhi PRS-6. I have 2 now and is not current limiting. One for amps and other for rest of system.
But isn't the Shunyata not current limiting as well? Power Conditioners seems like a gamble for sure. I actually sent my Transparent Conditioner back because I didn't want to risk it based on the return policy. I am going to be more patient and play around with speaker placement and cable upgrades first, and then figure out the power conditioner. Everyone seems to have different stories and often feel tempted based on the great results people have had with unlimited current conditioners. But it is risky unless there is a great trial period and good return policy.
But isn't the Shunyata not current limiting as well?
They all claim not current limiting but you really need to demo in your system and decide. I know many are very happy with Shunyata Triton.

What's your budget for PCs? I prefer a mixture of PCs vs a loom. I mix and match depending on mood, tube or SS amp and tube or SS power supply for my DAC.

I'm using Shunyata Sigma / Alpha, Nordost Valhalla and High Fidelity CT-1 PCs. To my ear, Shunyata Sigma is the best. Valhalla and CT-1 both have their strenghts and weaknesses. Shunyata Alpha the best value.
Even if all the components in your system are from the same brand, that doesn't mean that they all react the same to a specific brand of power cord. One company's cord could work magic on a preamp, but lifeless on their amp. To assume otherwise is ridiculous.
08-25-15: Devilboy
Even if all the components in your system are from the same brand, that doesn't mean that they all react the same to a specific brand of power cord. One company's cord could work magic on a preamp, but lifeless on their amp. To assume otherwise is ridiculous.
I agree, there are too many variables.
Can be wonderful.
You will not get a discrete answer on this matter simply because we all do not agree upon the definition of good sound.

Say, all your components are neutral sounding, and your cords from the same make are fuller sounding. The compounded effect is magnified.

However, giving a mixture of leaner and fuller sounding cords in the same system, you will probably stay neutral or tolerable neutral.

Worst scenario, a mixture of lean and fuller sounding components and cords, your understanding of natural timbre is being tested.