Different length speaker cables to speaker

Right now have a speaker with a subwoofer connection. I have an 8 foot Transparent cable going to system terminals and a 14 foot Audioquest ($100)cable going to subwoofer connection. Both cables are connected to one power amp. Am I short changing my sound??? Would I be better off cutting my Audioquest cables down to 8 feet?? Or by not using the Audioquest cable hooked up to my one amp? I dont get as much bass with the Transparent but is more defined. I have a 300 watt Bryston 4B-SST and an OHM I with upgraded drivers. Mike
At those lengths, your cable length difference is absolutely NOT an issue. You would need to have cables much longer before that ever becomes a consideration (typically somewhere in the range of 50 ft or more...).

That does not mean that there will not be differences in cable properties. In well made (ideal) cables you should be able to mix-and-match w/o any differences but in the real world there will be occasional cases where cable materials, construction, whatever might produce some measurable differences. Whether that translates into a difference that you actually can hear is another thing...