Different cable lengths for biwiring

Hi all

I've biwired my Aerial Acoustic 10ts with two sets of cable, Audioquest Clear 3 on the bass, and Cardas Neutral Reference on the mid/highs. While i'm aware that mix and match is not normally considered a good idea, they seem to be quite synergistic.

However, the AQ's are about 1 foot (30cm) or so longer than the Cardas'. Is the difference in length likely to be audible? Should I get the AQ's trimmed down so they're both exactly the same length?

Thanks in advance
If it's only a foot I wouldn't bother; you'll never notice the diff. AQ Dealer Mike
well, resistance in this case is negligable especially in case with bi-wiring. the capacitance is already increased and i assume that your amp can handle a large capacitance loads(probably direct-coupled SS amp). thus don't sweat to trim your wires and leave it as is for now.