Different between Shindo Masseto & Monbrison Pres

Dear friends,
Would someone tell the different between the Shindo Masseto & Monbrison Pre-amplifiers. I am told that the two amps have the same tubes, same design and same look. most important, they sound alike.

Please advise. Thanks

They have completely different tubes. The Masseto is heavier and has been described as a Monbrisson on steroids. The masseto has a little better low level resolution and maybe a little more dynamic sounding. They are both outstanding preamps and could both be the cornerstone of a state of the art system. It comes down to which can you afford. I have an auriges and love it and could afford it. Mr. Shindo does not believe any of his preamps are better than another, just a different flavor to the sound. Hope this helps
I have a different take. I believe for the most part the Shindo preamps have a similar "house sound" but you basically get more as you move up the line. I first purchased a Masseto and moved up to the Vosne-Romanee. They both are clearly Shindo's but the VR gives me even more emotional connection to the music than the Masseto. I believe the amps, on the other hand, sound clearly distinct from one another and should be evaluated based on ones personal preference (with speaker compatability taken into account)rather than the retail price.
Thank you for the information.
I note that the Masseto is 0.5 kg heavier but the tubes appear to be the same and also they almost identical. That's my concern as there are substantial different in price.
I haven't studied which tubes each uses, but I can tell you there's definitely a difference in sound, with the Masseto being an indisputable step up. I'd agree completely with Sibelius - the "not better or worse, just different" principle may apply to the power amps, but that hasn't been my experience with the pres.
According to two reviews I read here is the tube complments
Monbrisson Masseto
Ecc82--- line stage vLcp86--- Line stage
Ef86---- Phono stage 6189W--- Phono stage
6BM8---- Line stage regulator 12AT7--- Phono Stage
6BM8---- Phono stage Regulator 2- 6X4WA--Rectifiers
6X4----- Rectifier

info from Stereophile and 6 moons
The above thread did not print out correctly
ECC82--Line Stage
6BM8---Line Stage Regulator
EF86---Phono Stage
6BM8---Phono Stage REgulator
6X4----Power Supply Rectifier

LCP86---Line Stage
6189W and 12AT7--Phono Stage
2 each 6X4--Power supply Rectifiers

Info from 6 Moons and Stereophile
Just an info based on the look inside my Monbrison:
entry 2 6X4
line 2 ECL94s (fantasy name, an ECL tube nevertheless)
phono stage: 2 ECC82/12AU7 and 2 ECC83/12AX7

The former Monbrison version without window incorporated 2 x EF86 Phono Input, 1 x 12AU7/6189W Phono Output, 2 x ECL82 Line.

I haven't seen any Massetto, as it has not officially been imported in the EU.