Differences VTL ST-85 and VTL MB-125


I have the VTL ST-85 poweramp and really like the way it sounds; great musicality, dynamics and control.

At the price the ST-85 is a great amp but I'm considering moving to the MB-125 because I would like a more transparent midrange, more tonal depth and more dynamic headrom in the midrange and highs. In my system it also seems that the midrange is kept in line and behind the speakers and I would like if it moved "out on the floor".

So if anyone who's done the move from ST-85 to MB-185 could share their experiences that would be great.

I haven't done the direct comparison of ST-85 to MB-125, but I have compared the MB-125 to the ST-150 (which retail for about the same price).

Based on your stated desire to increase midrange transparency and dynamics, my suggestion would be to focus on the ST-150. The 6550's in the ST-150 have a more transparent, dynamic sound than the EL34's in the MB-125's, not to mention the extra output power.

If you get a chance to audition both (or all 3) on the same speakers/source (preferably your own) it would be best...but that's not always an option.
Dude, I have an IT-85 in the bedroom and compact 100's in the living room... To get what you want I would change the cabling. Try Crimson Music Link all around. Trust me on this one.