Differences-Thorens 124II vs. Garrard 301/401???

These three decks seem to be the choice models for pre-LP12 ndisc spinning.Anybody had a chance to stack them versus each other?What about 301 Garrard versus it's latter variant the 401?I know that some think the 124II by Thorens was never bettered.Saw some nice plinth boxes recently by of all companies Cain&Cain who of course have experience with wood do to the spoeakers they make.Like the looks of the 401 (very 60's "mod" that is Austin Powers would say shagadellic).but what about sounds and parts repair availibility.

Hi Chazzbo,

Since no-one has come forward a week after your post I'll give my 5 cents worth.

I used to own a Thorens TD124ll at the same time as I owned a Linn Sondek LP 12. This was from about 1976 to 1980. On several occasions I switched the arms between decks. The Linn flowed more. That elusive pace, rhythm and timing. The Thorens was a little more dynamic. That's what idler wheel drives do better than any other propulsion system.

I've heard both a 301 and 401 in different systems. They both sounded excellent. Both the Thorens and the Garrards are rim drive turntables. You can find a wealth of information on the Garrards on the Loricraft website. Loricraft is now the official manufacturer of Garrard turntables. They now make a 501 and 601.

You should most definitely check out the 'Building High end Turtables at Home Despot' forum on this siet which touts the virtues of the Goldring Lenco turntables. These are idler wheel drives with the wheel driving the underside of the very heavy platter - not the rim. Does this make difference ?
I think so, enough to sell my very heavily modified Linn and go for a Goldring Lenco 75.

Have fun,

chazzbo,i have come to the conclusion that in the right plinth the 301
simply stomps all over Anything else.i know this sounds over the top
but it's true.the exeption would be the EMT 927 but thats different.
the grease/oil question is frosting to me.i have Never been so floored
by a single component.it's nuts.
i think what finally sets them apart is the eddy brake pitch control.
it holds the massively torquey motor back creating a very tight source
of power.awsome tight bass and huge soundstage.
semi-light plinths,solid,open bottom.the homebrew baltic birch in my book
are the one's to beat.
There is one difference between the 301/401 and the 124 : the 124's idler wheel is driven by a belt between the the pulley and the idler. What sonic effect this has I don't know from any personal experience. I love my 301 though :-).