Differences : PC-1/Titan i / Miyabi Standard-& 47

Hi Guys!
Any experience from these and their difference in sound according to your ears (not reviews).
I´d would dearly appreciate your comments/thoughts.

I use Raven One with Bruer 8C tonearm (if it makes any difference)

Many Thanks!
I did listen to all of them, some I own. Each is very different to the other. My personal rating for those is from absolutely horrible to great.
But this is my opinion, because I prefer listening to "something" which sounds like real music.
Based on the huge differences:
What is your goal when you want to listen to analog?
Getting a dry tongue and beg for a Digital Playback: PC-1
Detail, detail, detail: Titan i
Smooth Listening: Miyabi 47
A window to real music: Miyabi Standard
Hi Syntax!
As far as I understand you favour Miyabi Standard, some others seem to do as well.
You certainly have a wonderful system that should reveal pros & cons of components under test.
I´m surprised of your opinion on PC-1, have you owned it or listened to it somewhere else.
I have PC-1 and after making set-up with Best Tractor from Mint LP the sound was much, much better than before.
I can listen to music forever without getting fatigue.
Although I would prefer more articulation on voices.
Titan: detailed, detailed.....interesting.
Could this be it and still listen for hours or would You recommend Standard.
Well it`s not easy to ansver when not knowing my system.
I will mail You photos/details of my system, if interested, and would very much appreciate your recommendation and thoughts.
My dream is to come as close to live performance as possible (taking home surrounding limitation in consideration).

My previous cartridges: VDH GrassHopper III, Decca and Shure V-15 they where all on a different system, mainly solid state. Now I use all tubes, appart from Meridian CD-player which I don´t listen to much.

Many thanks and appreciate your ansver, well worth consider.

Hi Clabe,
well, maybe we have a different kind of taste or view, but overall, it is my opinion. But it is definitely not a religion. When you are happy with it, fine.
You know, ask 5 Audiophiles and you will get 6 opinions...
In a way we all read this and that any probably we can use it. When you want, I can send a .pdf file with the records I listen to, when you hate that kind of music, great, when you like, great also.
I'm not mad to get emails from A'goners like the one here:
"..If you ever again 'attack' my choices of equipment as if it is a KNOWN fact rather than your own personal preference, I will bite you back as savagely as I can..."
Was sent to me as a copy from someone else...some want to be respected as a knowledgeable Audiophile. Not based on knowledge, based on the money they spent. Can be a dilemma...
Hi Syntax!
Totally agree with you. This is a forum for sharing/exchanging experiences and also your personal thoughts. Even though we don´t always agree we should respect and not criticize because he/she doesn´t have same opinion as me. I´m honoured to be able to participate, I´ve got many god ideas and suggestions. This is what it´s all about, to be able to help each other. I live in Sweden and rarely have the chance to auditioning equipment at home or even at the dealer. So I look for references in magazines and now here at Audiogon thanks to Internet.

BTW I´ve been thinking about the Standard before getting PC-1 but was unable to audition at a dealers place before purchase.

Claes-Göran Berg
Hello Claes-Goeran,
the Miyabi Standard is not really in the "Focus" today. it is the only cartridge which survived everything I had here for about 8 years. It stills runs strong and it has a kind of life inside which does not need any complicated Phonostages to bring the best.
But I also knew owners who were not able to hear its unique Performance, they were looking for something additional, for example dominant Bass, Speed or other artifacts.
I bought it 3x and my spare was always bought from visitors after listening :-) here.
One of the very best carts today, which deliver the expectations in the name "High End" (or my thinking about it).
I don't know about Miyabi. If your system need a lot of warmt, than go with PC1. Titan i is more neutral with better transient and ultimately would go further in the right system.
Thanks Guys!
Myiabi or Titan, definitely needs auditioning.
I have a tubed system so maybe a more detailed cartridge
will equal up in sound.

Have a nice day!