Differences in NAD integrateds/ Rotel also

I may have to downsize and was looking at the following NADs C317, C370, C372. Has anyone had a chance to compare these side by side?? Is there any real differnece in sound? I have heard on and off that people like the 370 better.
Same question applies the Rotel RA 1062, RA 1520 and RA 1070. Cannot get them all together so looking for any with experience in side by sides. Thanks,keith
Do not know your price point, system or musical tastes. That information would go well for impressions from A'gon members. I've listened to much of what you've mentioned. All decent enough.

Might really consider Exposure or Rega to step up and out of the Asian Tiger syndrome. The 2010 S or Mira are superb.
Hi, I have been down the road with IAs Creek, Bel Canto , MF, Vincnet , cambridge ect Settled on the Exposure 2010s then upgraded to the 2010S2 (may have liked the earlier version better) Great stuff but tough times force sale and the $400 or so between sale and what I am looking at make s a difference now. I do want a built in headphone jack. I used a little Rotel RA 972 and the headphone output was better and more musical then a Creek OBH 11 Need to decide soon. Needs to haver some soul. The old NAD 7020/ 3020 flaws and all is still one of the most enjoyable units I have ever heard. Very very musical. but no remote and gotta have that
Looking at
NAD 317 $250
NAD 370 $300
NAD 372 $450 Is there a difference sound wise between these two?? I heard a C375 thought it was warm and the headphone out was bad.
Rotel RA 1062 $400
Creek 5350 $375 Very good but as i recall had a small stage and ran out of steam.

Reaga Apollo player cardas NR IC or Analysis plus copper oval and Analysis plus Oval 9 speaker cable polk SDA 1Cs
Thoughts welcome Thanks,keith