Differences in CD burning software/programs

i've recently started burning discs (mainly live material to trade with others) but don't know much about the technology. Are there differences in cd burning software/programs? what are they? Also, any recommendations would also be appreciated.

There are some differences. The best we've found thus far is the Nero. We use it for all of our masters for our test CDs--it's that good. It's very flexible with different platforms and is reasonably priced.
Another vote for Nero.
hi rives or anybody i'm very knew to burnig to.curious do would i get better resukts using a program that 'digitally extracts'(whatever that is)the material and than using nero to burn the disc ??

rives how do you use/burn on nero it supposedly has 6,000 options. hmm anyone ???
Nero does digitally extract and does everything in the digital domain. It is one reason we use it. As to the options--you are right there are many. I have been fortunate enough to have other experts that know much more than I do about CD drives and computers determine what works best for our purposes. I am certain I do not even know what ALL the options are. I can tell you that we do burn at slow speeds and do not select any of the processing (such as anti-jitter). Beyond that, I can not recall all the settings we use.
ok thanks rives,i'll look into nero..:)
thanks rives i'll look into nero,seems like a winner..:)