Differences in Audioquest Storm series (Thunder, Tornado, Hurricane)

Hi guys, I'm currently running a Audioquest Niagara 1000 conditioner, Line Magnetic 508IA integrated amp, SOTM Trifecta and a Denafrips Venus. Running the AQ Thunder from wall to the Niagara 1000, and from the 1000 to the integrated amp, AQ Z3 everywhere else.

My question is for those who had experiences with each entry in this line of power cables, how much of a difference does each tier bring vs. the previous one? What would I expect if I upgraded the main cable (wall to Niagara 1000) to the Tornado for example?

Thanks in advance.
I'm in the market too. Looking at the Thunder or Tornado for my amp.Any info would be appreciated.
If you are truly serious, genuine, and straightforward about your inquiry and question, I heartily suggest, recommend and encourage you to visit a local authorized dealer and determine for yourself the characteristics, traits, and qualities of the cables about which you inquire here there is no reason to accept the opinion, beliefs, and observations of those here on such a topic when you're own evaluation, determination, and findings can be so readily obtained and acquired.
For what it's worth, I tried a Thunder on my tube integrated in place of a Pangea AC-9, and the difference was sufficient that I had to keep it.
Unfortunately my area only has Best Buy and whole home system installers.

I upgrade my previous Z3s to the Thunder and heard material enough of a difference in both areas to keep them. My disease is making me curious as to what happens if I go even more up the line...
I have a pretty good store in my area and they handle Audioquest. I called to see if they had any demos setup for me to hear and they told me that Audioquest hadn't started shipping them yet. When I told him there are reviews online from guys that own them, he said he'd get back to me tomorrow . Maybe there just online sales. We'll see.
I wonder if they are talking about the new Wind series ( Monsoon and Blizzard)cables, which is one series down from Storm. Those literally just got released. The storm series have been out for a year now.
No, I made it clear what I wanted. We'll see f they come thru.
I upgraded from the Thunder to the Tornado feeding my Niagara 1000. There were noticeable improvements. More of everything the Thunder produced. Better low level detail, more clearly defined imaging, quieter, etc..

Now I'm thinking of trying the Hurricane.
Btw, the Thunder had replaced a Shunyata Black Mamba HC CX and was an improvement over that.
The Cable Company lends cables for trial.
I own both a Niagara 1000 and a 7000. I installed a Hurricane on the 7000, but IMHO the hurricane would be better but probably overkill for the 1000.

Thanks for the reply guys.
@nolacap, with the tornado feeding the Niagara 1000, what cords are you using to feed your components? I read that power cable upgrades are more effective going from the conditioner to the components rather than wall to the conditioner, but I'm not sure. I wonder if in a system of all Thunder cables, it's best to upgrade the wall feeding the conditioner or a DAC...
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In my experience put your best power cord wall to conditioner..