Differences btwn Synergistic Research and Cardas

Hi, looking for folks' opinions, thoughts, core beliefs on differences in sound between Synergistic Research Resolution Reference and Cardas Golden Reference interconnects. Please help -- Thanks!!!
I use both Synergistic Resolution Ref. (speaker cables) and Cardas Golden Ref. (interconnects) in my system. I have also demoed the Resolution Ref. interconnects. In my system the Cardas has a bit more focus. I've found that Synergistic cables (I've demoed the entire line) in general have a big, dynamic sound, perhaps not as focused, intimate as some others. The Synergistic line also has a very low noise floor, close to that of the Purist Audio line. Both cables have a slightly warm character. I don't think you can go wrong with either, go with whatever sounds best in your system.
I have also used both in my system. In my opinion the Synergistic has a much bigger soundstage and much better clarity. When using the Cardas, my speakers sounded like there was a blanket over them and the sound was muddled. The Synergistic Resolution Reference and Designers' Reference were much better. I have written other reviews on Synergistic. Check them out for more details.