Differences between Vandersteen 3 & 3A?

Does anyone know what the differences are between the model 3 & 3A, both sonically and physically?
If by physically you mean cosmetically, they are exactly the same. I believe there were tweeter and crossover improvements. A friend of mine has a 3 and I have a 3A Signature. The difference is that the 3 appears to have a more powerful bass, which is probably not as smooth, but definitely is more "iron-fisted". Both the 3A abd 3A Signature have better highs than the 3 and overall a slightly more refined presentation, but the difference is not marked. All three models have their strengths and weaknesses. Overall, I would say that the 3A Signature is a slightly better speaker, but considering the number of years since date of manufacture, all will do well in a current system.
I had the 3's and moved up to the signatures. They look the same but I think the sigs are much better than the 3 in every aspect,although the 3 was very enjoyable in my opinion the sigs have a better high end and are more dynamic.I can't really comment on the 3a. Unfortunatly I must down size, my sigs are currently for sale. My comments are sincere not a sales pitch.